About Sawyer Elwell

My name is Sawyer Elwell and I am a junior at Drake University double majoring in magazine media and writing. My hometown is in Ankeny, Iowa which is about 20 minutes north of Des Moines. While the physical journey to college might not have been long, but it was a journey for sure. I am really close to my family and that could even be said about my extended family as well. We all live within the Des Moines metro (besides one family who lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin) but having the ability and flexibility to see family to something I will never get tired of.

Traveling is one of my largest passions. Of course, writing is right up there as well, but nothing can beat walking through an airport and discovering something new. Last spring semester I had the opportunity to travel abroad to Florence, Italy. While my time was cut short due to the pandemic, I still have an amazing, crazy, and unbelievable time in Europe. Even though there were times where I wanted to drop everything and come home, it was a once in a life time experience that I would want everyone to have.

While attending Drake University, I have had the opportunity to write for a local wedding magazine for the past year and a half. Seven articles of mine were published within Heartland Wedding Ideas. In addition, two of my articles were published in Drake Magazine. By working on two different publications at the same time, this allowed me to learn time management and effectively meeting strict deadlines. Being on a magazine staff, I have learned team work and communication with designers, editors, and writers to form the perfect piece. I experienced collaboration in two different environments which allows me to be flexible and adapt to changes around me.

During my time at Drake University I have had the opportunity to write for Drake Magazine, which is an award-winning publications that is completely run by Drake students. Last year, I wrote a short political piece over the mannerisms and behaviors of candidates during the 2019 presidential debates. This piece received positive feedback from peers, professors, and readers. This fall, I wrote a DIY thrift flip piece which allowed readers to create statement decor items on a budget. This article created a fun interactive project for the readers. I saw this first hand within my soroity chapter. Through Drake Magazine and Heartland Wedding Ideas, I had the opportunity to write about various topics which has improved my writing skills and knowledge base. My diverse experiences have pushed me to grow my writing abilities.